The Priory Handicap System

The handicapping system within the society is intended to provide for friendly and sociable golf for all members.

Lady Members play from Red Tees but use the Men’s card Stroke Index. The difference between Men’s and Ladies' Standard Scratch Score of the Course, will be added to their Society Handicap for each event

An Average Score for the Day (ASD) will be established for each Meeting and a Buffer Zone (no handicap adjustment except winner), calculated as ASD + 5 points e.g. if ASD 28 then Buffer is 28 to 32 inclusive.

Scores above 36 points or scores above the Buffer will be subject to reduction per shot, according to Playing Handicap Band, as below.

Additionally, a Member winning an event will have their Handicap reduced:-

Handicap Band 1 (up to 12) by 1.0 plus 0.1 per shot
Handicap Band 2 (13 to 19) by 1.5 plus 0.2 per shot
Handicap Band 3 (20 to 28) by 2.0 plus 0.2 per shot

Those scoring below ASD will receive 0.3 back and 0.6 if worse than 3 shots lower than ASD.

With good reason, Members may request a review of their Handicap.

Full details of handicaps after each meeting appear here.

A full list of handicaps as at 1st January 2018 are available