Thursday 17 October - Burhill (old)
Most of us drove over to the course in bright sunshine only to find after a very nicely presented and tasty breakfast that it had started to rain some half an hour before the first tee times.

The course was very damp, with many bare batches, no doubt evidence of last year’s arid summer conditions. The condition of the course and worm casts made it necessary to have winter rules.

Overall, it was difficult to score and the cards reflected this. Those who started later had the benefit of the sun that eventually crept out of the murk.

The conditions however were mastered by the winner, Tim Page with an excellent 36 points, runner-up Alistair Evans-Gordon achieving 32 points, pipping Bill Boniface on count back.

Team winners were Captain Jon Paddon, Tim O'Donovan and Alistair Evans-Gordon.

Many of those present felt that it was a pity we did not play the course earlier in the year to properly compare it with the New course.

John Thompson also played a starring role as Officer of the Day, ably assisted by Brian Mitchinson in checking the cards.

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